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    Town planner overseeing the entire design and application process

    Not many companies have the luxury of involving a town planner in the design from DAY 1. We do! What’s even better? It is a standard service in all our design service packages. You don’t pay extra for the town planning advice. Your application will be submitted and managed by our planner.

  2. 2
    Experienced design team making sure you get the best bang for your buck

    Not all designs are created equal. Whilst some extravagant designs simply will not get you the return you are after, other cheap material selections could cost you greatly when it’s time for you to sell. We have an experienced team who is always on the hunt for affordable products that look a million dollars. We also have selected builders who offer us the maximum flexibility when it comes to selection of materials and finishes. We never get stuck with builder’s standard finish range and only choose the most appropriate products for our clients.

  3. 3
    Single point of contact with our experienced development manager

    Property development is a complex process for the inexperienced and can involve many consultants, tradespersons, and authorities. Not knowing who to contact at the right time could delay a project and even have significant financial implications. We are very familiar with the process and can deal with all the personnel on your behalf. Each client will only have to deal with their assigned development manager. We take care of the rest and update you regularly.

  4. 4
    Full development management services

    You don’t need to worry about getting questions from Council or those 7am phone calls from builder. We do this for you when you put your feet up and enjoy your life. From surveys to building quotes and connecting power, we will make sure all things are done in order for your project to be realised.